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Latest information about recent products updates and important company announcements can be found below. Additional technical details related to product releases are available from documentation menu of this website.

Mar 5 2019 - Emerald 6.0.32 released

Reporting was enhanced with option for automatic HTML to PDF format conversion when emailing invoices and statements. For additional information about this feature please see Reports / Settings within Emerald v6 admin guide.

Other improvements include support for TLS version 1.3 and ability to customize time of day formatting within options menu of Emerald client.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jan 28 2019 - Emerald 6.0.31 released

New service monitor operator dashboard widgets offer summarized and detail views of active alerts generated from collected service metrics.

ISAPI compatibility problems have been corrected and improvements implemented to support hosting Emerald from third party web platforms.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Dec 20 2018 - Air Marshal 2.0.54 released

Air Marshal has been updated with increased ceilings on global bandwidth and concurrent bandwidth limited sessions.

Global limits may now exceed 4gbit/s and support more than 10k concurrent bandwidth managed sessions.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Nov 10 2018 - Emerald 6.0.29 released

Payment processing is improved with credit card tokenization allowing normal processing of one time and automatic card payments without storage of card account numbers within Emerald. Included are mass tokenization and de-tokenization wizards to facilitate tokenizing existing non-tokenized card data and de-tokenization to reverse process should it become necessary for provider portability.

Minor enhancements also incorporated into this release:

  • Standing purchase orders. MBR level field to configure order reference is hidden by default. Support is easily enabled via Field Visibility / MBR / Edit Forms / Standing PO.
  • Monthly payment history report charting payment activity over time from a variety of perspectives including payment type, average amount, number of payments, credits and dishonored payments and GL based summaries are included.
  • Churn reporting enhanced to incorporate graphical representation of changes over time.
  • Expansion of field visibility to include failed transaction interface, GL and churn reporting.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Sep 14 2018 - Emerald 6.0.28 released

Scalability of Emerald UI improved to support more concurrent operators per Emerald server instance. Additionally following minor enhancements were included:

  • Improvements to RADIUS attribute filtering with IPv4/IPv6 CIDR range search filter and expanded attribute data type handling.
  • Customers may now be charged percentage based fees for credit card payments instead of or addition to fixed per transaction fee.
  • More options for customizing session authorization once a service has run out of data allocation. Out of data may now be treated as successful authentication yet with modified access or bandwidth allocation. Enforcement of associated authorization changes are automatically managed by session manager.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jul 10 2018 - Emerald 6.0.27 released

This update focuses primarily on improvements to inventory and appointment management.

  • Carts allow operators to quickly move inventory between warehouses or change status of multiple items at once.
  • Individual warehouses can be bundled together into virtual warehouses for improved stock reporting.
  • Appointment scheduling has been improved with standards based integration to most third party groupware / calendaring systems. Operators have the option of either manually downloading upcoming appointments for import or linking calendaring systems to Emerald so any future appointments are automatically synchronized from Emerald.

Several minor improvements including the ability to edit incident actions and increased opportunity to correct data entry errors in entered payments have been implemented. For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jun 10 2018 - Emerald 5.0.93 released

This update offers improvements to Emerald platform for version 5 users since January. No new features are introduced in this update.

Jun 10 2018 - Emerald 6.0.26 released

Reporting has been updated with a new service discounting summary report and enhancements to existing reports. Emerald user's guide now offers detailed information about each included report.

RADIUS attribute support for Mimosa VSAs and corrections for Alcatel accounting attributes.

Finally updated root certificates are included to address recent certificate changes to commonly used transaction gateways for CC and EFT processing.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jun 4 2018 - Air Marshal 2.0.52 released

This release offers only minor changes to further improve support for large deployments following 2.0.51 update.

Apr 23 2018 - Emerald 6.0.25 released

Update includes new account search options and expanded hotkey mappings within Emerald client.

Issues with SNMP based service monitoring on the Windows platform and market group based condition matching have also been addressed.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Mar 27 2018 - Air Marshal 2.0.51 released

This release includes new features to increase performance and scalability of Air Marshal in environments managing thousands of concurrent sessions.

  • RADIUS accounting subsystem now supports transmission of hundreds of records simultaneously significantly reducing queue delay. Operators with large volume of concurrent sessions using interim accounting over WAN/Internet links can expect to see most dramatic reductions in queue delay related to RADIUS accounting.
  • Improvements to web server TLS processing and increased locking granularity throughout provide a more consistent experience when interacting with user portal.

For complete list of new features please visit documentation area of our website.

Feb 15 2018 - Emerald 6.0.23 released

This release introduces capabilities to customize availability of services to customers based on menu of account characteristics such as location, market and customer type.

Related enhancements to customer account center offer operators more control over customers ability to add and change services.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jan 12 2018 - Emerald 5.0.92 released

This update offers improvements to supporting libraries and Emerald platform over the preceding year for version 5 users. No new features are introduced in this update.

Jan 10 2018 - Emerald 6.0.22 released

This update includes improvements throughout Emerald client to optimize UX when used with mobile displays.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Dec 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.21 released

Final maintenance update of 2017 focusing on improvements to service monitoring, new reports and SMS/email notices alerting operators as monitored services exceed configured warning limits.

All remaining known issues /w processing of time limited market tags have been addressed.

2017 has been an exciting year with successful release of Emerald 6 and more than 400 improvements incorporated into Emerald throughout the year. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and wish you the best for the new year.

Thank you!

Nov 15 2017 - Emerald 6.0.20 released

In this release
  • Service monitoring has been improved increasing type and format of collectable SNMP data
  • RADIUS accounting health analysis report charting NAS queue delay and missing accounting data over time
  • Improvements to late fee processing
  • Per-transaction processing fees for check, credit card and EFT payments
  • Rollout of field visibility options to primary MBR and service level forms

In addition to new features accuracy problems have been addressed while processing time limited market tags.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Oct 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.19 released

This release adds options to upload and synchronize variety of tax rate data files via web browser.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Sep 12 2017 - Emerald 6.0.18 released

Update incorporates new client UI feature enabling operators to manage customer referrals from existing accounts. When used in conjunction with Emerald referral manager process of crediting customers for referring friends and family is completely automated.

Support for geocoding services Data Science Toolkit and Geocode.Farm have been incorporated with further enhancements to improve geocoding reliability and automated conversion rates.

A billing issue preventing cost overrides from taking effect when setting service type pricing within a service category has been resolved.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Aug 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.17 released

This release offers expanded service monitoring features for scalable SNMP based data collection. Profile and discovery enable operators to quickly and easily collect and visualize important service metrics from any SNMP capable access device.

Other improvements include support for IceWarp mail provisioning via database synchronization.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jul 12 2017 - Emerald 6.0.16 released

This release introduces our new service monitoring module enabling operators to collect metrics related to health and performance of their customers network access services. Collected data can be visualized via existing gauge charting and threshold alerts automatically informing operators to potential problems from integrated service status display.

Other improvements include improved support for HTML formatted messages in outgoing e-mail notifications and bulk mailings.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jun 1 2017 - Emerald 6.0.15 released

Maintenance update focusing on improvements within following areas:
  • Emerald v5 migration process and post conversion
  • Geocoding accuracy, rate limiting and provider compatibility
  • Rating system type conversion and transaction management
  • Customer center EFT payment option
For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

May 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.14 released

This update introduces reporting and display related enhancements:
  • Host ping monitor dashboard widget
  • Account status summary by service type reporting
  • Improved field visibility customization within primary MBR and Service displays

Billing related issues affecting processing account timelines, use of "full month" and "no credit" close proration options and advancement of service expiration for dependent no cost child services have been addressed.

SMS poller has been updated to correct a major licensing problem preventing outgoing messages from being transmitted with professional edition license and improved SMPP compatibility with messaging providers.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Apr 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.13 released

This release introduces operator customizable dashboards within operator home menu.

New dashboards include:

  • Recent invoice and payment activity charting
  • Web links
  • Incident summary and open incident detail
  • Appointment schedule
  • RADIUS active session summary
  • RADIUS recent authentication failure summary
  • Active MBR counts
Other enhancements include exportable bulk Email/SMS distribution lists, reporting on utilization statistics for attachment storage and compatibility improvements when printing invoices and statements from Microsoft mail clients.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Mar 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.12 released

This release offers new features in the areas of reporting, inventory management and external provisioning.

  • New reports include: appointment calendars, access server utilization, 6 new advanced searches and crystal reports formatted stock invoice and statement reports.
  • Inventory management is improved with API accessibility, CSV data file uploads and scanner friendly receiving.
  • "Detailed account" external system sync offers broader dataset when pushing changes to external service provisioning systems.

Improvements to Emerald version 5 database upgrade process have been incorporated and minor issues addressed throughout the Emerald Suite. For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Feb 20 2017 - Emerald 5.0.91 released

Update primarily addressed a very specific issue where a services invoice term does not advance during invoicing. This lead to affected services being incorrectly invoiced with each invoicing run.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Feb 10 2017 - Emerald 6.0.11 released

This release offers reporting related enhancements with many new reports and improvements to existing aging, call summary and quick reports.

New reports include:

  • MBR level statement of account
  • Reorder inventory
  • Inventory assigned to closed services
  • Unfulfilled service requirements
  • Product stock summary
  • Warehouse stock detail
  • Warehouse stock summary

Mobius Payments is now a supported CC/EFT batch processor!

Finally a number of minor enhancements and issues resolved in the area of managing non-recurring services from both operator and customer center perspectives.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Jan 19 2017 - Emerald 6.0.10 sets sail

This release introduces new features to assist with managing data and systems integration.
  • Emerald API offers automation of Emerald client functions.
  • New simplified database views provide an easy to understand picture of Emerald database reducing difficulties relating to data export and custom reporting.
  • Report post-processing enables custom modifications or archiving of reports before they can be displayed or emailed to customers.

Other improvements include displaying current upload and download data rates within Emerald online report and automatic MAC address aliasing for MAC based RADIUS authentication.

Problems have been addressed relating to batch generation and use of "direct use" prepaid cards preventing cards from being provisioned during authentication.

For complete list of new features and bug fixes please visit documentation area of our website.

Dec 2 2016 - Updated Website

Minor improvements throughout website:
  • Increased contrast
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick access menu
  • Download center replaced with more streamlined evaluation center
  • Improved reseller listing with country search
  • Emerald version 6 related content!
  • New knowledgebase search, news section and contact forms
  • General content improvements
If you encounter any problems within the site or with links from external sites please let us know.

Nov 29 2016 - Emerald 6.0.9 get set.. go

Primarily a bug fix release.

Systems clock cross check is now triggered automatically whenever an operator logs on or visits operator home within Emerald client. Broken clocks are a big deal and we hope this feature will help operators to minimize any time related problems.

There was a problem resolved where invoice batches abort with message "CID:n not found..." after 249 invoices are processed. This means for example to complete an invoicing run of 1000 invoices it would be necessary to run invoicing approximately 5 times before all invoices could be processed. This bug also prevented the invoice preview function from working at all when there were more than 249 invoices to be previewed.

After this update we are transitioning to a more "normal" monthly release cycle for version 6 maintenance.

Nov 17 2016 - Air Marshal 2.0.49 released

This release updates Linux platform support from 32-bit to native 64-bit Linux. Update does not otherwise add any new features nor correct important issues.

For complete list of changes please see documentation area of our website.

Nov 17 2016 - Emerald 6.0.8 on your marks

Minor update offering some notable improvements:
  • Modernize caller search lookup application
  • Improves and addresses issues with time based incident escalation.
  • Corrects problem preventing operator level field visibility settings from taking effect right away.
  • Corrects condition preventing incident type configuration from being saved.

Nov 10 2016 - Emerald 5.0.90 blasts off

This release marks move to our new Linux build platform with a native 64-bit version of Emerald and updated database drivers.

For complete list of all 27 enhancements and fixes included with this release please browse documentation area of our website.

Nov 7 2016 - Emerald 6.0.7 approaching starting line

This release marks availability of Emerald version 6 for x64 Linux platform.

Also included customer center improvements allowing customers to change billing send method and options restricting months of invoicing history shown to customers.

Oct 30 2016 - Emerald 6.0.6 warming up v.bis

Small bug fix release with no new features addressing 13 issues.

Notable changes include:

  • correcting errors when upgrading or downgrading service from within customer center
  • Account searches fail when company name field used as search term
  • Improvements to Emerald v5 database conversion process to account for additional database constraints introduced with version 6.

Oct 28 2016 - Emerald 6.0.5 warming up

Highlight of this update heightmaps have replaced contour data for terrain graph feature within service tower selector. This change offers numerous advantages including > 300x reduction in storage and processing overhead coupled with significant accuracy gains.

1 and 3 arc second resolution maps are publically available world wide and can now be used directly with Emerald.

Other notable enhancements include the ability for customers to enter promotional codes from customer center and incorporation of service category migration assistant tool to better organize service categories after upgrading from Emerald v5 to Emerald v6.

Oct 22 2016 - Air Marshal 2.0.48 released

This release adds a feature we call "scalable filtering" to assist customers with thousands of concurrent sessions reduce CPU load to better scale out single server instances.

Scalable filtering is disabled by default and only recommended when a single Air Marshal server has several hundred to thousands of concurrent active sessions. When enabled scalable filtering works to provide a low near constant worse case packet filtering overhead as number of concurrent user sessions increase.

Enabling scalable filtering creates several large fixed data structures within Linux filtering system and can be a source of significant delay while starting up Air Marshal. In our testing scalable filtering typically adds 20 seconds to Air Marshal startup time.

Oct 20 2016 - Emerald 6.0.4 on the field

Major new features for this release include:
  • Updated invoice and statement reports in support of itemized discounting and style improvements.
  • Service call history chart will now use any interim accounting data available to provide operators and customers much more granular view of data consumption over time.
  • New signup server and customer account center have been rolled in with many new features and completely updated UI.
  • Process transactions payments menu option to automatically kick off processing for auto pay customers.
In addition there have been important UX enhancements and bug fixes to address problems managing non-recurring services.

This was also a relatively significant update with 40 enhancements and bug fixes.

Sep 16 2016 - Emerald 6.0.3 (Beta 2) inching forward

Beta 2 enables existing Emerald 5 databases (version 5.0.73 or later) to be upgraded to Emerald v6. As with previous versions upgrade does not make changes to your existing database. New database is created then all existing configuration and data is copied.

Sort order fields while still highlighted as mandatory now default to zero automatically as forms throughout Emerald admin are saved.

A number of previously missing scheduled maintenance tasks have been added to the Emerald scheduler.

This is a fairly large update with 42 enhancements and fixes in total. Thanks to our beta testers for their invaluable feedback during beta.

Aug 15 2016 - Air Marshal 2.0.47 released

This minor update adds support for TLS version 1.2 to Air Marshal.

Notable bug fixes include correction for conditions that can lead to RADIUS accounting records to be transmitted without an Acct-Session-Id attribute.

Also addressed were instances of virtual port numbers (NAS-Port attribute) still in active use having been reassigned to new sessions.

Jul 20 2016 - Emerald 6.0.2 (Beta 1) on the way

Highlights of this update include new Emerald session manager feature enabling continuous monitoring of active sessions for subsequent authorization changes to underlying account. When enabled service upgrades and downgrades are reflected in authorization status right away without requiring users to reset their equipment.

Natural language "time range" parser has been significantly improved to better detect and report formatting mistakes while reducing opportunity for ambiguity.

This update addresses a notable problem where it is not possible to save configs ("settings") style option menus throughout Emerald Admin UI.

Jun 30 2016 - Emerald 6.0.1 (Beta 1) is a go

This update adds upgrade and testing safing options enabling operators to easily and centrally control all automatic processing involving external interaction. (Emails, credit cards, external system sync, invoicing)

MBR level account PIN and tower level location and altitude customization when graphing path profiles have also been incorporated.

For complete list of features and bug fixes please browse to /docs/Emerald6/changes.txt

Jun 22 2016 - Emerald 6.0.0 (Beta 1) is alive

Having been in continuous development for over three years bringing hundreds of enhancements and new features we are excited to announce "Beta 1" public beta release open to all current Emerald customers.

For full details of major new features and expected beta schedule please visit our beta site

High level feature highlights include:

  • New HTML5/CSS3 based UI /w mobile handset support
  • "Market Tags" marketing, loyalty, advanced discounting
  • Document storage/management
  • New address management system minimizing duplication and service level address
  • TLS Client certificate based 2FA security
  • Address geocoding
  • Geographic queries and related address data sync
  • Tower management with LOS profile graphing elevation/RF path
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Events (Bulk ticket management for outages)
  • Inventory management
  • New RADIUS accounting system and session manager CoA probe
  • Enhanced reporting / Quick reports
  • Service level gauge data graphing and threshold alerts
  • FCC form 477 reporting
  • SMS interface/notification
  • New customer center