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Aug 5 2007

How do I configure the SQUID proxy cache to provide transparent proxy services for the HTTP sessions of Air Marshal users?

Aug 5 2007

To direct a users HTTP traffic to a transparent proxy using Air Marshal and SQUID take the following steps:

  • Install SQUID on the Air Marshal server.

  • Configure squid.conf for transparent proxy using the 'transparent' keyword when defining the listen port in squid.conf. In 2.6 the syntax is
    'http_port 3128 transparent'

  • Include the IEA VSA attribute AM-HTTP-Proxy-Port with the users RADIUS auth reply attributes. The value should match the TCP port SQUID is listening for client requests (3128)

  • Be sure proper Access controls have been configured for the users IP/subnet in SQUID's squid.conf. See 'http_access' and 'http_reply_access'.