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May 1 2007

When attempting to install a new version of Emerald 5 I get a message stating that Emerald is already installed. How can I apply updates to my Emerald 5 system?

May 1 2007

You must first uninstall your current version of Emerald 5 from the Add/Remove programs control panel before installing an update to the Emerald 5 software. During this process you will not loose your settings or data.

This is done to help provide a higher level of reliability during the upgrade process.

Before upgrading please be aware of the following:

  • After the new version has been installed any updates to existing reports must be applied manually by copying the new reports from the 'orig' folder to the web\reports menu for those reports you want to apply updates to. The upgrade DOES NOT replace existing report files.

  • Never apply UI changes directly to the default theme folder. All files in the default theme are overwritten during a product upgrade. Always create a separate theme folder containing your changes.

  • Do not make customizations to Emerald database stored procedures without direction from product support. All stored procedures are refreshed during a product update.