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RadiusNT Auth (KB ID: 56665)

Apr 23 2007

How do I setup a dialup customer so that they are only able to authenticate if calling from a specific number using Caller ID?

Apr 23 2007

For this to work, you must make sure you are receiving Caller ID from your dialup provider and for the user. The easiest way to check this is to look at the calls for the service and see if and what CallerID information is being recorded.

1) Find the Service that you want to restrict, and click the RADIUS button.

2) Click the "Add Service Type Default to this Service" link. This link only shows up is the Service has no RADIUS attributes listed.

3) Once the Service Type default attributes are added, click the "Add Attribute" button.

4) Leave vendore set to Standard and select Caller-Id for the attribute. Put the phone exactly how it appears in the call logs for the value and change the type to check.

5) Click save to add the check attribute to the user.


  • You can add more than one callerid check attribute. RadiusNT/X will check each for a match. If any match, the user will be allowed on. If none match, the user will be rejected.

  • Some RADIUS clients use different attributes for sending caller id information. You may need to use a different check attribute rather than Caller-ID in this case (possibly even a Vendor Specific Attribute rather than RADIUS standard attribute). Please consult the appropriate device manual, manufacturer documentation or port provider to verify that correct attribute to use.