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Jan 16 2007

When upgrading from a previous version of Emerald the database creation process fails with the error "Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation." what does this mean and how can it be fixed?

Jan 16 2007

Collations provide language localization for textual data stored within the database. When upgrading from previous versions of Emerald using the Emerald database upgrade process both the old and new databases are required to have the same collation. If they don't the upgrade process will fail with a message similiar to "resolve collation conflict for equal to operation."

If the database servers default collation has changed since the creation of the old Emerald database you will need to manually create an empty database with the same collation as the old database. To do this take the following steps.

From Microsoft SQL server obtain the collation name of the old database by open right clicking over the old database name under the "Database" menu item choosing properties.

Once the properties tab opens write down the collation name shown.

Right click over the Database menu and choose New Database. Enter the database name you would like to create and choose the exact collation you wrote down earlier.

Next rerun the database creation process except rather than creating a new database select the database you created in the previous step from the select list under choose an existing "empty" database.