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Mar 1 2006

How do I configure Emerald to work with using a transaction key generating in my settings page?

Mar 1 2006

To configure Emerald to work with using a transaction key you need to configure your CC processing system to be (AIM). Follow these steps to set this up:

In the Emerald Admin:

1) Go to Global, CC Batch, and change:

<LI>CC Batch Type: Authorize.Net (AIM)
<LI>CC Processor Address:
<LI>CC Login: ( login)
<LI>CC Password: ( transaction key)
<LI>Rebatch Tries: 0
<LI>Rebatch Interval (days): 0

All other CC Batch settings are not used by

2) Go to General, Billing groups. Under each billing group, make sure the Credit Card Login and Credit Card password is blank. Emerald allows you to use a different login & password or transaction key per billing group. However, if the Billing Group's CC login/password is blank, the global cc login/password is used.

Please note:

<LI> Credit Card Transactions are based on the last statement of the MBR. You must create statements for credit cards to be processed.

<LI> You can preview Credit Cards to be processed in the Batch, External, CC Preview option.

<LI> Failed Credit Card Transactions are shown in the Batch, External, Failed Transactions. You should check this often to handle failed or pending transactions.

<LI> The Emerald Scheduler service must be running for Credit Cards to be processed.