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Jan 5 2006

When converting an Emerald 2.5 database to Emerald 4.5 the following query fails during the conversion process with a column foreign key constraint error.
Insert Into Aliases(Alias, AccountID, CreateDate, LastModifyDate, LastModifyUser) Select Alias, AccountID, CreateDate, LastModifyDate, LastModifyUser From Emerald4..Aliases

How can this be corrected?

Jan 5 2006

This error indiciates there are Email Aliases defined in the Emerald 2.5 database associated to Services which have since been deleted. To remove these 'orphaned' Aliases from the Emerald 2.5 database run the following query against the Emerald 2.5 database:

Aliases WHERE AccountID NOT IN (SELECT AccountID FROM SubAccounts)

Next re-run the conversion process.