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RadiusNT Auth (KB ID: 55974)

Nov 1 2005

How can I configure RadiusNT/X to authenticate everyone and anyone with any password from a specific realm or domain?

Nov 1 2005

Yes, with RadiusNT/X v4 or later this can be accomplished by taking the following steps:

From the RadiusNT/X administrator under general make sure that Text + Database mode is enabled if you are running RadiusNT in database mode.

From the RadiusNT/X administrator under 'Externl auth' add a new authentication method of any\realmname where realmname is the name of the domain.

Add a DEFAULT user to the RADIUS users file with a password matching the authentication method added above. For example:
DEFAULT Password = "any\realm"
User-Service = Framed-User,
Framed-Protocol = PPP

If this realm is currently configured to proxy to a remote server you must also enable 'Treat as local' under roam domains for this realm.

After this has been complete click 'Save Changes' in the RadiusNT/X admin and restart RadiusNT/X.