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May 19 2005

While exporting a credit card batch I get the error message 'Credit card export failed Error renaming file tmp_xxxxxxxxx_xxxx to xxxxx'. What can I do to fix this problem?

May 19 2005

When exporting a batch of credit card or EFT payments to a file the Emerald task scheduler processes the request and creates an export file. While the file is being created it is stored in a temporary location and finally renamed to the intended destination after the batch is sucessfully written. The rename error is generally caused when either the destination folder does not exist or the Emerald task scheduler does not have sufficient rights to access the destination folder. If the destination folder is a network share the Emerald task scheduler service must be configured to run as a user with access to the share rather than the default local system account.

Batch out locations for credit card and EFT are defined via:
Emerald Admin/Global/CC Batch/CC Batch Out
Emerald Admin/Global/ACH Batch/ACH Batch Out