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May 5 2005

I have Emerald 4.5.11 or earlier and the task scheduler is not accepting new tasks. Examing the scheduler log I'm seeing Query errors related to the number of parameters of ScheduleSetLock. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?

May 5 2005

Emerald 4.5.11 and earlier retrieve a string representation of ScheduleID from the database rather than a numeric format. If the database driver is configured to use the digit grouping or decimal place character ',' when it retrieves ScheduleID an ID of 1000 will be retrieved as '1,000' or '1000,00' which interferes with the execution of the query. You can work around this problem by configuring your Emerald4 odbc datasource to not use regional settings or configure your servers local regional settings to not use digit grouping or decimal symbol of ','. This problem has been corrected starting with Emerald 4.5.12 or later.