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Mar 7 2005

How do I install a secure server (SSL) certificate to enable secure connections to Emerald?

May 7 2018

Certificates are managed using "TLS Certificate wizard" located in security menu of Emerald configuration server.

Certificate wizard is able to generate private keys, self-signed certificates and certificate signing requests (CSRs) for signing by third party CAs.

See also pg24-28 Emerald v6 administrators guide.

Apr 25 2008

Emerald 5 users please see 'Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Configuration' starting on pg26 of the Emerald v5 administrators guide.

Mar 7 2005

A certificate management utility and documentation for installing a self-signed certificate or CSR request for use with a certificate authority is avaliable from the following URL on our web site:

This same utility can also be used to generate a server certificate for PEAP authentication.