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Feb 22 2005

What is required for an external system (IMail, MailSite, LDAP, etc) to see users in Emerald?

Feb 22 2005

There are several things that need to be setup correctly for most External Systems to work. Make sure you have:

1) Setup an External System of the appropriate type in the
Emerald Admin, System, External System.

2) Associate all relevant Service types to that External System in
the Emerald Admin, Accounting, Service Types. Only Services with a Service Type set for that External System will be accessible by the external system.

3) For a mail external system, define the domains and set the Mail
Domain setting for each domain to match to actual domain from your mail
server in the Emerald Admin, General, Domain section.

4) Associated each service to the proper domain (Edit service). Each service can be assigned a Domain and Emerald uses the login@maildomain as the default email address for the user unless the email address is explicitly filled in.

Once you have all four steps above completes, the external system should be able to see the services associated to it. Also, don't forget to configure LDAP, EmerAuth, and Mailsite to use the ExternalSystemID (ESID) assigned to that External System. You can find the ESID in the Emerald Admin, system, External Systems list.