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Feb 18 2005

When I do a call search within a service the services call records do not show in the call history -- however when searching for the same customer from the global call search in the reports menu the customers calls appear. Why the difference and how can I fix the problem?

Feb 24 2005

Starting with RadiusNT/X 5.0.48 the server now has ability to correlate authentication and accounting records effectivly enabling class attribute for those NAS devices which do not nativly support it. Please see the RadiusNT/X documentation for more information on this feature. This virtual class attribute feature can be enabled from the advanced menu of the RadiusNT/X administrator.

Feb 18 2005

Call records must be associated with the services AccountID before they will appear in the users call history. This is normally done in realtime via a RADIUS 'Class' attribute sent with the authentication response and receieved in subsequent RADIUS Accounting Start-Stop requests. Some NAS devices do not support the Class attribute -- in these cases the nightly call summary task within Emerald is responsible for associating any Call records not already associated to an Account. If the nightly calls task is not configured to run on a daily basis it can be configured from The Emerald Admin/Scheduler/Configure schedules menu.