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Emerald Billing (KB ID: 55421)

Jan 22 2005

When manually entering a credit card payment, the error 'Payment Add Invalid Credit Card Expiration' is returned. The expiration date is correct however the payment is not processed. How can I fix this problem?

Jan 22 2005

This has been confirmed to be a bug in Emerald 4.5.10 and earlier. An updated gbe.dll module is now avaliable to address this problem. If you are using Emerald 4.5.10 you may download the gbe update from To install replace gbe.dll with the file of the same name in the Emerald folder. Be sure to stop the Emerald web server and Emerald task scheduler services before replacing the file. NOTE: You must be using Emerald 4.5.10 to install this update, if you are using a prior version of Emerald you must first upgrade to 4.5.10. Customers using Emerald on the unix platform should download the latest version of Emerald from the download center.