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RadiusNT Auth (KB ID: 55410)

Jan 14 2005

I'm trying to authenticate wireless clients using the EAP-PEAP protocol and get the following error from RadiusNT: 'PEAP err - SSL_write wants read, however the protocol has no provision for it' What can I do to resolve the problem?

Jan 14 2005

The most likely cause is the clients failure to successfully validate the servers certificate. Make sure the root public certificate of the certificate authority used by the server is installed on the client. Also make sure the CA certificate chain file 'PEAP CA Certificate' if required is also installed in the EAP section of the RadiusNT/X administrator. You can diagnose this problem by disabling certificate validation on the client, when doing this the SSL_write error should no longer appear. You may also be able to retreieve additional debugging from the client by enabling the RASTLS trace option on Microsoft Windows based clients.

For more information on configuring wireless networks and certificate requirements please see our 802.1x/EAP authentication Guide avaliable from the documentation section of the web site: