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Jan 4 2005

How can I disable RadiusNT/X concurrency checking on a per access server basis?

Jan 4 2005

If you are using a third party database or the RadiusNT schema -- Add an integer column with the label of 'Concurrency' to the Servers (List of RADIUS clients) table. A value of 0 disables concurrency checking while a value of 1 or NULL enables checking. Note concurrency checking must also be enabled in the advanced section of the RadiusNT/X administrator before concurrency enforcement will work.

Jan 4 2005

This feature is avaliable starting with RadiusNT/X 5.0.35, 4.0.59 and Emerald 4.5.10 or later. If using Emerald a new option 'Concurrency Checking' is avaliable from the Admin/RADIUS/Server Groups/~Server menu.