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Dec 27 2004

My server started crashing after installing Emerald? When I do certain things within Emerald my server crashes? Why is Emerald crashing my server?

Dec 27 2004

Emerald runs exclusivly as a user-mode application and thus guaranteed by the operating system to not have the ability to 'crash' a computer. If your computer reboots, windows blue screen or UNIX kernel panic the cause is related to an operating system, hardware or device driver problem and is NOT a problem with Emerald.

We have had reports of windows blue screen when using Emerald with Linksys v5 10/100TX PCI ethernet cards. This is a known network driver problem that has existed for years also effecting other server applications as well as some popular desktop file-sharing applications. We have contacted Linksys support about the problem and to date know of no fix avaliable from Linksys. If you have an effected ethernet card we recommend replacing it with a 3com or Intel brand. Starting with Emerald 4.5.6 we have added additional buffering to Emeralds networking functions to attempt to work around the problem and improve performance.