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Emerald Billing (KB ID: 55366)

Dec 27 2004

Why do my Credit Card or EFT transactions in Emerald appear in the failed transactions listing as having to be confirmed before they can be exported? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Dec 27 2004

As of Emerald 4.5.10 there are currently just two reasons a transaction would need to be confirmed.

  • The first is related to duplicate payment protection which is intended to prevent double-billing by asking the operator to confirm any customer CC or EFT payment transactions for the same amount within a 15 day interval. This interval be configured from the Admin/Global/Accounting/CC/EFT Dupe payment protection (Days) menu within Emerald menu.

  • Secondly enabling the 'Confirm auto CC/EFT' transactions feature in the pay period configuration in the Accounting section of Emerald Admin. This feature is intended to give operators an opportunity to manually confirm all automatic card payments made from Emerald having a specific pay period. If you do not want to use this feature be sure the confirm option is set to 'No' for each Pay Period.