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Dec 15 2004

Recently I noticed the users online report is not being updated and new call records are not being logged when we do a calls search. What is going on and how can I fix it?

Dec 15 2004

The most common reason for this problem is running out of disk space on the database server or the database is configured with a fixed size or in the case of MSDE is limited in size by licensing restrictions.

To further troubleshoot this issue it's necessary to examine the RadiusNT/X servers logs 'logfile' and 'acct.log' files and the database servers error log accessable from the management section of SQL Enterprise manager or sybase central. The database log files are generally also avaliable from the LOG folder of the root directory the database server is located in. Critical clues may also be found by examining the windows appplication event log on the windows platform.

If you determine the problem is related to low disk space or license restrictions on database size concider one of the following steps to recover space for additional data.

  • Delete or compress any unecessary files on the same partition the emerald data is stored or expand the size of the database and or transaction log using SQL enterprise manager or sybase central.

  • Clear up space used by the database transaction log by following one of the following: Perform a database backup, set the recovery model to simple or enable the truncate log on checkpoint option depending on the version and type of database server in use.

  • On most systems logging of Call histories for all customers uses the greatest amount of disk space. You will be able to recover additional space by lowering the retention period of the calls and other logs from the Admin/Global/Logs menu within Emerald. After changing this it may take several hours to a day before the logs are actually trimmed. Please take into concideration any reporting and leagal requirements if lowering the call log retention.