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Dec 11 2004

I need to extract data from the Emerald database and need to know where to find various fields. Is documentation avaliable for the Emerald database schema? Can IEA help me?

May 7 2018

Emerald version 6 contains a series of views offering simplified access to basic account data. They include:

vMasterAccounts - MBR related data including address and status information
vSubAccounts - MBR service data including service and contact address
vIncidents - Incident data
vActions - Incident actions
vInvoices - Invoice header data
vInvoiceItems - Invoice line item data
vPayments - Listing of payments
vInvItems - Listing of inventory data

Dec 11 2004

Documentation of the Emerald v4 database structure is avaliable from our FTP site by following the link:

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