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Dec 11 2004

I've upgraded to Emerald 4.5.6 or later and statements are not being sent out to some of my customers. What is happening and what can I do to fix it?

Dec 11 2004

Additional precautions were added to Emerald 4.5.6 and later to prevent accidential double billing of customers. One of the precautions was to not allow new statements to be generated while there are outstanding credit card or EFT transactions pending for a particular customer (MBR). Over time errors while processing or importing transaction batches from the batch processing system may lead to cases where the results of some transactions are never imported. In these cases the card transaction is left in a pending state, and is not marked paid in emerald or avaliable in the failed transactions report. Since no new statements and associated automatic card transactions can be generated for MBRs with existing transactions in a pending state these must be cleared. Emerald 4.5.10 provides an interface to do just this from the Batch/External menu within emerald select 'Transactions awaiting import' ... Customers with previous versions of Emerald should concider upgrading or running the following query from the Admin/Database/SQL Query menu to void all pending transactions more than 60 days old.

UPDATE ExternalTrans SET TransType = 9
WHERE TransType = 2
AND ReqDate < DATEADD(dd,-60,getdate())

After clearing the transactions, you can immediatly do another statement batch or statement preview to generate statements for the effected accounts.

This condition is also reported in the Daily error summary report included with Emerald 4.5.10 or later.