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Emerald Billing (KB ID: 55097)

Aug 25 2004

Some of our time limitied accounts are close to their alloted usage when searching the call history however Emerald shows in the time left field that they have already gone over their time for the month. What would cause this?

Aug 25 2004

There is sometimes some confusion as time limited accounts are based on
the anniversary date of the account; if your doing anniversary billing
this is ususally not the same as counting from the start of the month.

Also call history depends on having the customers account ID in the call
record. If your NAS devices do not support the 'Class' attribute it may
take a day or so before the users recent call information appears in the
history. By default the 'Calls table nightly processing' task tags call
records with account ID once nightly for any accounting data recorded
without the class information.