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Jul 13 2004

The RadiusNT admin listens for web requests on port 8011 which interferes with other services we have already installed on the same computer, is there a way to change the port the RadiusNT admin listens on?

Jul 13 2004

Temporarily stop any services using port 8011. Next start the RadiusNT admin. The http listen port can be changed by modifying the 'Configuration server port' field in the General section of the RadiusNT administrator.

Optionally you can make the change directly from the windows registry by setting the value of the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IEA\RadiusNT\ConfigServerPort

After changing the listen port you can modify the shortcut associated with the RadiusNT configuration server by modifying the shortcut file (radadmn.url) in the folder Emerald/RadiusNT was installed.