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Mar 17 2004

After creating or upgrading to a new Emerald database I get errors while viewing reports, several options in the global menu are missing and other database query related errors are encountered while using Emerald? What is wrong and how can I fix it?

Mar 17 2004

Emerald tracks weather a database update has run by comparing the contents of the last database update with the current contents of the update scripts. If the database was already updated and then a new one created or upgraded Emerald does not recognize this and assumes a database update has already been run. To solve this problem:

  • On the windows platform remove the following registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\IEA\Emerweb\UpdateCRC

  • On the UNIX platform edit the file /usr/local/emerald/emerweb.ini and remove the line starting with UpdateCRC from this file.

  • Restart the Emerald Web Server service.