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Feb 17 2004

How do I get a count of MBRs currently in use?

May 7 2018

Starting Emerald 6 in addition to License Keys menu MBR counts are also available via dashboard widget "Active MBR Count".

Email or SMS notifications can also be sent when MBR usage exceeds the preconfigured notification threshold by configuring a notice of type "MBR count warning" from Emerald Admin / Messaging / Notices

Aug 4 2007

Within Emerald 5 current MBR licensing information including the current usage count is avaliable via the Emerald Admin / Web Interface / License Keys menu.

Feb 17 2004

An accurate count of total MBRs avaliable/used are displayed as new MBRs are created. You can also run the following query from the Admin/Database/SQL Query menu within Emerald 4.5.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MasterAccounts WHERE Active = 1