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Feb 16 2004

How can I issue credits to a customer through Emerald using credit card or ACH?

May 7 2018

Starting Emerald version 6 credits can be issued from within the Payments sub menu of the MBR. Click a credit card payment from which credit is to be issued, chose 'Refund Payment' and enter amount to credit.

It is recommended that prior to issuing any credits any condition that caused over payment is first resolved. This is especially important for customer on CC/EFT autopay as once the credit is issued if a remaining balance exists the system will eventually generate a transaction automatically to resolve outstanding balance.

Nov 17 2007

Emerald 5 now supports application of credits against previous credit card payments. To apply a credit against a previous payment click that payment from the accounts history menu and enter the amount to be credited back to the customer.

Feb 16 2004

Emerald 4.5 does not have the ability to automatically issue credits to customers. Currently you must manually issue a credit through your card processor and create an adjustment in Emerald to reflect the credit given. We are currently researching this feature for inclusion in the next major upgrade.