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Feb 6 2004

I want to change or switch a customers service mid-month, what is the best way to do that while calculating the correct pro-rated amounts for the difference?

May 7 2018

Starting Emerald 6 it is only necessary to schedule change of service with appropriate change date within service menu of MBR. You will be prompted to re-invoice if it is necessary to correct any existing outdated invoices.

Sep 2 2004

With Emerald 4.5.10 or later this is automatically done while saving a service. Simply answer yes to the popup box asking "This accounts service type has changed, do you want to automatically apply adjustments to account for this change?"

Feb 6 2004

This can be accomplished in three steps. First close the service, secondly edit the service changing the accounts service type. Finally re-open the service. If Emerald is configured to pro-rate days on cancel a credit will be issued for the remainder of the month when you close the service, and a pro-rated charge will be created at the new rate when the service is re-opened.