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Jan 22 2004

Why when I cancel some accounts they are not getting automatically inactivated and statements are still being sent out to these customers?

Jan 22 2004

The normal behavior of Emerald when an account is canceled is to Inactivate the MBR after the cancel date has passed. Thus not allowing authentication after the cancel date or further billing activities. Regardless of weather an account is marked inactive the customer will still find themselves not able to authenticate after the cancelation date of the account. Accounts that do not have a zero dollar balance are not inactivated as to allow for further payments to be processed and statements showing the customers current outstanding debt to be sent out. Inactivating an MBR disables all billing activity. The global option under Admin/Global/Accounting titled "Inactivate MBR w/non-zero balance" can be changed to inactivate accounts regardless of their current account balance.